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RowLogic, LLC Acquires Clearwater Data Solutions

COVINGTON, LA, May 1, 2021 – RowLogic, LLC, an innovative software company dedicated to providing web and mobile solutions to the petroleum marketing industry, today announced the acquisition of Clearwater Data Solutions, a business intelligence and analytics company.

For 30 years, RowLogic has been providing robust automation solutions for the petroleum marketer with pricing, logistics, and asset management software.  RowLogic also develops the analytical engine used by both Study Groups and NACS’ CSX.  Adding Clearwater Data Solutions will expand RowLogic’s analytics capabilities and extend their business intelligence solutions.

“Here at RowLogic, we strive to provide our clients with easy-to-use cutting-edge tools to improve business processes.  We’re excited to be able to add Clearwater Data Solutions business intelligence and analytics to our tool set,” said Johnny Bertucci, President of Rowlogic, LLC.

“The Rowlogic and Clearwater products are complementary, but even more so, our teams are a match made in heaven. Our bias toward customer success and flexibility sets both companies apart in the industry.  My team and I are thrilled to be joining Rowlogic and look forward to supercharging development and implementation,” said Daylen Stoutin, President of Clearwater Data Solutions.

About RowLogic
RowLogic is a software development company providing software solutions to petroleum marketers.  Thirty years ago, they built their first pricing tool for petroleum marketers.  Since then, they have added logistics, asset management, and sales tracking to their list of products.  RowLogic’s web and mobile apps help marketers improve productivity and increase the bottom line.  Their vision for the future is full integration of all processes along with actionable real-time analytics.