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Searching for a potential partner is extremely difficult while working in niche industries like fuel and lubricants.  After months of searching and evaluating multiple software platforms, we were happy to land on RowLogic’s DeliveryWorks.  The ultimate reason we decided to dive into a relationship with RowLogic was their flexibility to service our needs. With holes in our back-office software, we were left with limited options, but DeliveryWorks went beyond accommodating our missing data; they actually helped create an environment that our entire business relies on.

RowLogic accompanied us on a journey that helped us identify issues before we even knew we had them.  The best part was the ability to apply the DeliveryWorks principles across the business, including transfers and purchasing.  With their streamlined process we were able to effectively go paperless throughout the entire lubricant side of our business in a couple of months. This essentially allowed for an automated digital filing system of which our CSRs, Purchasing, and Inventory Analyst all directly use in their day to day processes.  By creating a digital environment, we were able to save countless hours of manual data entry and transactional processing.  It was an absolute godsend, and this wasn’t even the foundational software’s intention!  The ease of working with a digital dispatching software has improved process flow as well as set a structure for anyone stepping in as a dispatcher.  With a series of tags we were able to successfully create individual flows of information through the DeliveryWorks platform that started and ended with the customer.  This is the way business is supposed to be!

Beyond the scope of organization, DeliveryWorks generates critical operations data to help our team get better every day.  We can look at routing and delivery optimization as we cross DeliveryWorks data with transactional data to get a closer look at “Cost to Serve” and “Net Profit.”  These pieces of data are invaluable as we grow our business, and we would have a miserable time trying to generate this reporting without DeliveryWorks. To be frank, beyond the product, the RowLogic team is full of dynamic and flexible problem solvers to help a growing business, and that is precisely what our business needed.

Matt MacIntosh

Director of Business Operations, Morgan Distributing Inc